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Theodore the Great

Written by Brooke Eisenhart & Illustrated by Shaun Cochran

Boundless adventures await Theodore the Great! Come meet Theodore as a kitten and experience where it all began. Laugh with him as he explores his new world and joins in the fun he encounters along the way.


Enjoy the love and laughter of the first Theodore the Great book. After all, who could resist the adorable fluffiness of Theodore and friends? Cuddle up together and rediscover the world through a cat’s eyes. Theodore the Great is based on the life of a real cat, who is not only one of the cutest felines around but an adventurous one as well!


Each book in this series will soften you and your children’s hearts, as well as teach important life lessons along the way. This series progresses through different stages of Theodore’s life in a way your children can easily relate to as they grow.

"Reading about these cats is almost as good as cuddling one. Almost."

-Cat Enthusiast


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About the Author

Brooke Eisenhart


Brooke has been a creator and entrepreneur since she was young. She loved reading and books at a young age, sometimes going through a book a day from her love of reading. Spending time writing poetry and music on the piano in her free time and wrote her first book in middle school called Charlies Life. 


She was always fiercely independent and always seeking new opportunities. With her love of animals and caring for people, she became a nurse early on in life and then went on to receive her Masters and became a Nurse Practitioner over 11 years ago. She is now a CEO and runs a healthcare company that brings healthcare to the elderly and disabled. She wanted to go back to her roots and creative side to help create Paperclip as well as with one of her best friends of 27 years who loves to create as much as her. She enjoys spending time with her children and family at home when she is not developing some new ideas, books, or discovering new authors.


Product Details

Format: hard cover
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978-173-46207-02
Publication Date: 02/21/2021
Page Count: 72
Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″
Age Range: 0-11
Language: English

To get the ebook version, download the all-new e-reader Paperclip Social, available now on Google Play and the App Store:

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