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Meet Theodore the Great,

and all his

Family & Friends!

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Meet Theodore!

Theodore is a Flame Point Himalayan like his father Pax, and is always nearby. He loves a good scratch anytime you are willing to pet him. He also loves to have his own office chair and sleep next to you all day when you are working.

Theodore loves to sleep between his human mom and dad, and is not afraid to announce himself to get you to move out of his way. Theodore loves

things that move quickly; he believes he can jump to the ceiling to reach toys if he wiggles his butt enough. He also loves attention. When he wants it he will rub your leg once, tap your leg twice, and the third time climb all the way up your leg if you do not make him feel important.

Theodore begs for food if he smells something good, but struggles for awhile to eat it due to his flat face. Theodore’s curiosity always gets the best of him even if he is scared. He will investigate and hiss at a DVD ejecting or a butterfly toy just sitting in a corner. He also loves to look cute on his back to get your attention, and loves when you turn the water on so he can make the biggest mess trying to get the water in his mouth with his big furry paws!

Tortie loves to play with anything that moves or buzzes! She is constantly looking for something new to play with. She is always in the room but always stays a hand away; the only way you can pet her if she is asleep and it is unexpected

She loves sleeping in the sun and will let you pet her with your feet but not your hands! She is mindful of small children around stairs to make sure they are safe.


Meet Tortie!

As standoffish as she can be, Tortie would be a responsible nanny! Tortie is a Chocolate Point Himalayan, but she became a tortoise shell version of that, which is where her name came from. Do not let Tortie’s grumpy face trick you—she has the sweetest meow, and purrs quietly from a distance.


Meet Raiden!

Meet Riley!


Raiden is a wild and crazy cat. If there is a curtain to hang on or a wall to climb, you’ll catch her there. She always tries to get to the highest point of the room. She also loves to start play fights with all the cats whether they want to play or not.


Raiden rarely sleeps as she is always up to no good. She has the prettiest coat and orange colors of all the cats, but don’t let her colors deceive you,

she is bad to the bone. Raiden loves to get her siblings in trouble anytime she can. She is a force to always reckon with.


Riley has always been a little uncoordinated. She is extremely playful but does not have the skill set of Tortie and Theodore. She will throw her whole body into motion when going after a toy, even if it’s on a ledge and she falls off. She also likes to sit on the couch with you and burrow her head in between you and another person or object.

She has a furiously loud meow that 

does not match her soft demeanor. When you pick her up, she is as light as a feather but lays in your arms like a ragdoll, completely giving herself to who ever pets her. 


Her paw hair is so long it is worth two more paws. Riley was once the runt of the litter but is the same size as her brother now, and loves to start fights with her brother but quickly cries wolf when he is winning. Riley is the sweetest of the crew.


Meet Pax!

Meet Nyla!


Pax loves to play as much as he likes to sleep. His favorite thing is to be brushed while he kneads his giant furry paws. His meow sounds more like a dying microphone that barely can be heard, but he wants to let you know he’s there.


Pax sleeps everywhere, whether its a comfortable spot or not, and does not like to be bothered during his nap time. He is a Flame Point Himalayan like Theodore and Raiden..



Princess is the most loving mom. She would feed her kittens all day if she could. She looked a lot like Riley but is a tough kitty when she needs to be. She is very sneaky and will sneak her way into any room even if you think you have locked her out.

She could sit with you all day and be petted. She loves to “talk” every chance she gets. A lot of people think she looks like Oscar the Grouch, but she is a Blue Cream Himalayan like her daughter Riley.


Meet Brooke!


Brooke has been a creator and entrepreneur since she was young. She loved reading and books at a young age, sometimes going through a book a day from her love of reading. Spending time writing poetry and music on the piano in her free time and wrote her first book in middle school called Charlies Life. She is a loving Mom to Theodore and his family.


Meet Jesse!

I remember the first time I saw Theodore, he was a plump ball of fur that wouldn’t stop eating, hence the Theo from the chipmunks reference.  As much as I say I’m not a cat guy, he definitely has my heart. 

I somehow have created a new way to talk to his sister, Riley.  For some reason I try to match her whiny voice with one of my own…..don’t judge you know you also do this with your animals.


Theodore is always close in proximity when I am working from home.  Whether he be snuggled in a chair in my office or in my special made cat backpack going for a walk.

While the dogs always seem to battle for my attention, Theodore the Great knows his place as my favorite pet

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